Typically in Italy, the second course, or the Secondi, are meals mainly of protein and not substantial enough on their own, hence the traditional feasting of numerous scrumptious dishes served consecutively, simply rolling out to overlap servings allowing you to enjoy the experience of mixing the different tastes while enjoying good conversation.

However, here at Vecchia Roma, the freshest handpicked vegetables, lightly cooked and presented together with your choice of meat, accompany all of our Secondi choices.

Choose the Scaloppine Al Vino Blaco plated with broccoli and crisp green beans.  Sweet carrot chunks shine bright orange amongst this colourful dish, blending in tastefully to please your palate.

Well known for only using the finest and freshest ingredients, just like they do in Italy, we subtly season our meals with local herbs and spices.  Vecchia Roma are extremely proud to only serve you garden fresh produce which will jolt your tastebuds with their aromatic flavours, ensuring you are delighted with every mouthful.